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Links and Resources

Here are some of my favorite doll-related links.  Go forth and enjoy!!  If you know of great resources not listed, please let me know.  I'll be happy to add them to the list!!

Free Doll Clothing Patterns

Doll Clothing, Patterns & Accessories for purchase online

Duds for Dolls:  Patterns for purchase as well as finished outfits for purchase

On Blythe Street:  A wonderful Etsy shop with beautiful clothing for Blythe 

Dolls and Daydreams:  This Etsy shop has beautiful patterns for you to make your own cloth dolls.  CUTE STUFF!! 

Tracy Miller:  An Etsy shop with patterns and finished outfits for Blythe

Morrissey Dolls:  An Etsy shop with lots of doll clothing patterns for purchase 

Lara's Fawn:  An Etsy shop with super-cute clothing & accessories for Blythe 

Finasma:  An Etsy shop with jewelry and cute stuff for Blythe 

Cheekiepea:  An Etsy shop with clothing for Blythe 

SmidgeHouse:  An Etsy shop with AMAZING furniture and accessories for 1:6 scale dolls 

VioletPie:  An Etsy shop with SUPERCUTE little animals and other things for Blythe & other dollies 

Motylalka:  An Etsy shop with clothing for ball-jointed dolls & Blythe 

Pistachio Libby:  VERY cute clothing for Blythe 

Utter Mabness:  An Etsy shop with lots of cute things for Blythe, including hairbows 

ItsyBitsyTreats:  An Etsy shop with FABULOUS treats for 18-inch dolls 

CannonBelle:  An Etsy shop with lovely hand-knitted items for Blythe 

GenePDollShop:  An Etsy shop with amazing hand-knitted and hand-crocheted items for Blythe

Dolly Blogs & Websites

DollKind:  This website has TONS of great information about dolls of the 20th century.  I had a great time looking at some of my childhood favorites including My Friend Mandy and Hollie Hobbie.

BlytheByTheBay: Anna shares photos and info. about her love of Blythe.

Doll Observer:  This informative blog is devoted to fashion dolls and is curated by Simon, AKA "The Doll Observer."

The Toy Box Philosopher:  A great blog with reviews of doll and doll-related items.  Very detailed posts.

Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog:  An AMAZING blog with all sorts of creative doll play ideas and tutorials for making awesome doll play items for 18-inch dolls.  SUCH GOOD STUFF HERE!!

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