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Laura's Dolly Wish List

Blythe Cassiopeia Spice
I love how sweet she looks, the little flower barrette in her hair, and her darling little flats.

 Blythe Casual Affair
This is the first Blythe I got really interested in purchasing.  Out of all the ones I saw at the time (2009ish) I thought she resembled me the most in hair color.  I also liked her since we both wear glasses.  If I ever do end up buying a Blythe, she very well may be one of my top picks.

Blythe Friendly Freckles
I love her red hair and spunky attitude.  She reminds me of my friend, Stephanie, who has lovely long red hair and a big personality.

Blythe Fruit Punch
I very recently discovered Fruit Punch while looking at Blythes on Ebay.  I LOVE her hair style and her uber-cool wardrobe.  The sunglasses are awesome!

Blythe Miss Sally Rice
Initially I was only drawn to the Blythes with "normal" hair colors.  However, I became smitten with little Miss Sally while looking at other Blythes on Ebay.  I really love her retro red dress and the contrast with her funky blue hair.

Blythe Nicky Lad
Nicky will most likely be the first Blythe I purchase.  She is one of the least expensive Blythes on Ebay and I really like the little flip in her hairstyle.  She is fun, fresh, and groovy.  I would love to have her be the first in my collection.  (UPDATE:  I purchased Nicky Lad and she arrived on Nov. 15, 2012.  She is my first Blythe doll.)

Blythe Pinafore Purple
I also just discovered this little beauty.  I love that she comes with a lavender wig to go "incognito".  What fun!  Love the trench coat too.

Blythe Raspberry Sorbet
I like RS's long brown hair and bangs.  I think her little beret is very cute and stylish and I also love her clothes.  So sophisticated!

Blythe Tailor Gibson
My obvious attraction to Miss Tailor is her little sewing machine bag.  So adorable!!  If I ever purchased Tailor she would hang out in my studio FOR SURE!!

Blythe Urban Cowgirl
I like this gal's long hair and her country duds.  The pink cowboy hat is TOO CUTE!!!

Little MissMatched Uptown Girl
LOVE her houndstooth coat and rockin' boots.  And the mismatched socks of course.  I love those socks for myself, but on a doll?  Adorable!!

 Liv Doll: Hayden
I'm not ordinarily attracted to "fashion" dolls, but I came across Hayden and found her so beautiful.  I love her hazel eyes and she has an awesome outfit.  I like this "Back to Nature" series of dolls.  Great accessories.

American Girl Doll:  Ruthie
I have to admit, when I'm looking at dolls online, a lot of times it boils down to whether or not I like their clothes.  Click on the link about and check out Ruthie's clothes on the AG website.  As a seamstress, the attention to detail on her dress is amazing.  I love the colors, the asymmetrical buttons down the front with the curved edging.  So awesome!!

American Girl Doll: Emily
I like Emily for the same reason I liked Ruthie so much.  That dress is just amazing.  I love the red and blue color combo and the retro vibe.

BDS04 Italia

Tangkou Doll:  Italia
This is a lovely little gal.  She is similar in features to Blythe but at a much lower price-point.  Like Blythe, her eyes change colors.  She is a ball-jointed doll, so she would be much more poseable than Blythe too.

Hearts For Hearts Girls - Nahji from India
This is an incredibly beautiful doll.  (She does have feet in real life, in case you're wondering.)  I've read some good reviews about this doll line.  Great price point and great concept.  She is my favorite from this doll line.

Karito Kids Ling From China World Collection Doll/Book Starter Set

Karito Kids:  Ling

This is a really beautiful doll.  I have seen great reviews for her online.  I would love to have her as part of my collection.

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