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Monday, December 31, 2012

First dolly listings on Etsy!

Hi, everyone!  I hope you are winding down the year in a special way and looking ahead with anticipation to a new year!  I'll (hopefully) be busy crafting in my studio into the wee hours.  I'm planning to focus more on this blog in the new year and to get going on lining up more interviews along with other posts.  I'm writing here today to let you know that I've just listed my first two doll-related items in my Etsy shop, Walnut Hill Handmade.  I'm hoping to branch out this year and sell clothes for both Blythe and American Girl dolls.  I'd love to have you pop over and check out the shop.

I'd also love to have you visit one of my other blogs, Walnut Hill Handmade.  I'm making an effort to blog more there in the new year too.  It's a place where I'll document and write about my creative process, what I've been crafting, and anything else I'm inspired to write about!!  Hope to see you THERE!!

Here are a few photos to give you a little peek at what's listed in the Etsy shop.

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