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Friday, November 2, 2012

Doll Blogger Interview: Karen Owen from Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog

I am so excited to introduce Karen from Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog.  Karen is from Canada and writes a great blog all about how to make accessories and play items for your 18-inch dolls.  I discovered Karen when doing research for this blog and immediately knew I wanted to feature her and her awesome blog.  I am so amazed at the depth and breadth of her creativity.  After you read Karen's interview, be sure to head directly to her blog and prepare to be inspired to get crafty for and with your dolls.  After looking over Karen's blog and seeing her lovely dolls, I was inspired to add two new dollies to my wish list.  You'll have to head to my wish list page to see which ones I've added.  One more thing...........Karen is also a contributor for another great doll blog, Doll Diaries.  Be sure to check it out too.  I'm hoping to have an interview with Doll Diaries creator, Char, soon!

N2O4Dolls:  Tell us a bit about yourself.  

KMOT: Well, I am a mom of three boys, Aunt of 7 nieces and owner of many 18 inch dolls. I am a daily doll blogger, craft editor and doll clothes maker. I love to bake,watch Nascar and read in my spare time.

N2O4Dolls:  How did you get started doll collecting and what was your inspiration for starting your popular blog, Karen Mom of Three?

KMOT: I got my first American Girl Doll, Chrissa, in 2009. She is my most favorite 18 inch doll. My Mom gave her to me for Christmas, my sister who lives in Montreal drove to Boston to get her for me. My mother died the following September. Chrissa is very important to me. That being said, when I was growing up Cabbage Patch kids were the big thing and I still have my original 4.  (Chrissa is pictured with Karen below and in the first photo.)

N2O4Dolls:  Tell us about your personal doll collection.  What type of dolls do you collect?  Do you have a doll collecting budget?  How do you typically acquire new additions to your collection? 
KMOT: Well, to be honest, I have always kept my Cabbage patch dolls. I only started collecting 18 inch dolls by accident. Once I got Chrissa, I seemed to acquire more and more dolls. Currently in my 18 inch doll collection I have 6 American Girl Dolls, 2 Maplelea (Canada's 18 inch doll), 2 Springfield dolls,1 Harmony Club Doll, 2 older style Our Generation dolls, 3 My London Girl Dolls and one Australian Girl doll (she is 22 inches tall). I also now have 5 of the American Girl Historical Mini Dolls.  I now seem to acquire new dolls in a varity of ways. I rescue them from thrift stores, order them on line or when I am really lucky I am sent them to review.

(N2O4Dolls:  If my math is correct, that makes 22 dolls!)

N2O4Dolls:  Perhaps the hardest question……do you have an absolute favorite doll?  One that you would save in a fire if you could only pick one (assuming your spouse, kids, pets, etc. are safe already!)?

KMOT:  Hands down, Chrissa.

N2O4Dolls:  Do you have any favorite childhood memories that include dolls?  This could include dolls you owned, dolls you wanted, dolls in books, favorite gift that was a doll, etc.

KMOT: When I was growing up every year on my birthday my mother would lay out a baby blanket on the middle of the living room floor and place a new doll on it so it would be the first thing I saw when I woke up. I had hoped to pass this on to my own daughter one day but I have been blessed with boys. Perhaps I can do this with my Grandchildren one day.

(N2O4Dolls:  LOVE this idea.)

N2O4Dolls:  Obviously collecting dolls has inspired your creativity.  Have you always been creative and crafty?  How did doll collecting fuel that side of you?

KMOT: Well, I have always been crafty. My mother would find me at age 4 cutting up "J" cloths to make doll clothes with. I have always taken what I could find and make it into something I could use in doll play. It is something I have always enjoyed doing and now I love sharing my ideas with others.

(N2O4Dolls:  We are SO blessed and happy that you have decided to share your great ideas with others.)

N2O4Dolls:  Tell us a bit about your experience in the online doll community.  What have been some of the highlights for you?

KMOT: Well, my experience in the online doll community has been very good. A highlight for me is definitely the fan mail (email) I get, words of encouragement and being recognized for the work I have done on line.

N2O4Dolls:  Anything else you’d like to share with us?

KMOT: I think that it is important to understand that doll play is an important part of life, that you are never to old to love dolls and that how we play with dolls  changes as we age, but the love of dolls can last a lifetime.   Keep Calm and Play with Dolls!

N2O4Dolls:  Well stated, Karen!  I couldn't agree with you more.  Thanks again for your generosity and inspiration.  

Be sure to leave her a comment and tell her how much you enjoyed her interview and thank her for sharing her awesome work with us online!


  1. My absolute favorite doll was a Barbie with blonde hair. I loved combing its hair at night and dressing her up with beautiful doll clothes.

    Chris Jeffery

  2. I grew up in earlier times than you. My favourites were "Betsy Wetsy" and "Debbie". I still have Debbie--she is shorter and was less expensive than Barbie--- Debbie and her outfits all fit in one shoebox.