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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Doll Crafter Interview: Jane Street of the Etsy Shop "On Blythe Street"

Today I'm so excited to share this interview with Jane Street from the lovely Etsy Shop, On Blythe Street.
I found Jane's shop when doing a search on Etsy for Blythe clothes.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Her items are SO yummy!  I love her hand-knit Blythe sweaters and can't wait until I have my own Blythe so I can outfit her in one of Jane's creations.  Don't you just love the above photo of Jane in her studio?  It looks so colorful and inviting.  I love the little finished dresses hanging up.  DARLING!!  After you read all about Jane, please be sure to head over to Etsy and show her some Etsy love.  I know she'd love sending you one of her beautiful items!! 

N2O4Dolls:  Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jane:  I am originally from the tiny Island of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, just off the West coast of France. I went to university in England which is where I met my husband Ollie and we moved around quite a bit with work but have finally settled in Devon in the South West of England. We live near the coast and love long walks on the beach with our little dog Molly. I am a medical scientist at my local hospital. In my spare time I love photography, knitting, sewing and Blythe Dolls!

N2O4Dolls:  What kinds of dolls do you love and/or collect?  And, what got you started on doll collecting?

Jane:  My sister introduced me to the world of Blythes early this year and I was instantly addicted to these gorgeous and very photogenic dolls. My sister Zoe bought me my first Blythe doll (Bohemian Peace) and I have added 3 more to my collection (I’m sure there will be more)! I started making things for my own dolls and for my sister's and she suggested I open a Blythe shop with my creations!

N2O4Dolls:  Do you have a special place to keep your dolls? If so, please describe it.

Jane: I moved house last year to a larger house and I was finally able to have my own den (in the small box room). I have bought a tall bookcase specially for my Blythes which has a few spare shelves to allow for a few more to be added the the collection! I have an area for my sewing and knitting and have an extensive collection of wools and fabrics. Although I have concentrated on my knitting I want to do loads more sewing next year. I have so many ideas for things to make.


N2O4Dolls:  Which is your favorite doll and why?

Jane:  I can’t choose a favourite from my Blythes. They are all so lovely and so different and all help with the modelling for my creations. Once you start with these dolls it is so easy to get addicted and there are so many more I would like!!

(N2O4Dolls:  I agree!  My Blythe wish list is quite long and I haven't even started yet!) 

N2O4Dolls:  Share a special childhood memory involving dolls.

Jane:  Thinking back to when I was a young girl I loved designing clothes and outfits for dolls even then.  I had tiny Pippa dolls (not sure if you can still get them today). I guess its a bit like I have gone back to my childhood with the Blythe dolls!!

N2O4Dolls:  Obviously your love of dolls has inspired you creatively with your shop. Explain how you got started with your Etsy shop and creating your lovely items for Blythe.

Jane:  I have always loved knitting and sewing and also photography and can combine all these together to make and photograph things for my Blythe shop. I had my first camera when I was 4 years old (my Dad is a photographer) and I probably started knitting a few years after that. 

I love the fact that making dolls clothes involve smallish projects which take a few evenings to complete. My creativity finally has a very satisfying outlet!

N2O4Dolls:  Any other thoughts, words of wisdom, advice for the rest of us doll lovers?

Jane:  If you start collecting these gorgeous dolls, be warned you won’t be able to stop!!

 THANK YOU so much, Jane, for participating in the interview.  I'm so happy to have become acquainted with you and your lovely work.  Best wishes on your Blythe adventures.  I hope to be a customer soon.............

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