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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Story of Laura & Blythe: Part 1

Blythe is a big reason that I started this blog, so for sure she deserves at least a post or two so you'll all know the back-story.  So here goes...........

I discovered blogging back in 2008.  At the time, I was reading a few craft blogs and a few Montessori blogs.  At the time, there were not nearly as many blogs as there are now.  I was a Montessori-certified elementary special education teacher who had just gotten a dream job teaching in a private Montessori school in my hometown.  I decided to venture out into the blogosphere and started the blog My Montessori Journey to document my move from public education to a Montessori preschool setting.  I loved doing the blog and posting about my classroom.  I was blessed to develop a pretty huge following of fellow Montessorians from all over the world.  (Don't worry.........I'll get to Blythe.)

After three years of teaching and directing the Montessori preschool, I left it all behind in the fall of 2011 to homeschool my two sons, then beginning fourth and first grade.  Because I loved blogging so much, I started the blog, Walnut Hill Homeschool, to document that new phase of our lives.  I don't post on it very often, but I'm grateful for the record of our early homeschool days.

Around the time I started blogging in 2008, I was a reader of a popular blog out of Australia called Day to Day (AKA "One Crafty Mumma") written by Melissa Goodsell.  I loved reading about her crafty life and her two lovely children.  In fact, I was inspired by Melissa to create a blog about our family life called A Day of Wonders.  (MMJ is my only Typepad blog.  At the time I started it I didn't realize you could blog for free on Google Blogger.  Once I discovered that, I've had fun coming up with a bunch of other blogs, as you can see!)

Although I loved everything that Melissa wrote, I was particularly captivated by her posts about a doll named Blythe.  Prior to reading Melissa's blog, I'd never heard of Blythe before because 1.) She is made in Japan and not available for purchase in the US and 2.) I had two boys and wasn't really buying any dolls at all.  However, I just couldn't get Blythe out of my head.  There's something about her that is so mesmerizing, to me at least.  So..........I researched all about Blythe online.  I looked at all the different types of Blythe dolls on Ebay.  Back in the beginning the doll I was really intrigued by as a possible doll for ME was Casual Affair.  I liked how she somewhat resembled me in appearance (hair color and glasses).  I liked everything about her.  I can't tell you how many times I would look at her longingly online.  BUT........I just couldn't bring myself to purchase her.  First off, Blythes are pretty expensive.  And secondly, it just seemed so frivolous to spend money on a doll for myself since I'm an adult and my boys would not likely be interested in playing with her, dressing her up, or posing her for photos.

Still, I kept coming back to Melissa's blog and reading about how much fun both she and her daughter, Bella, were having with their Blythe dolls.  I loved all the little outfits.  I loved seeing posts about Melissa or Bella making something for Blythe.  It just seemed so much fun!!

Well, the years went by and I'd forget about Blythe for a while.  Then something (probably in a post from Melissa since I have her in Google Reader) would trigger my memory and I'd be off again, fantasizing about owning a Blythe doll myself.

While I'm not yet the owner of a Blythe, I am, for now, embracing the concept that you're "never too old for dolls".  I'm coming to a place where I think I could be okay with buying a doll just for me.  As I indicated on my "Wish List" page, I'm thinking that Nicky Lad will most likely be my first Blythe because she is less expensive.  However, I was looking at all the dolls on that page the other day with my youngest son.  He was telling me all the ones he "hates".  When I got to "Casual Affair" he said, "Hey, that one looks kind of like you."  So........maybe she'll be the first after all.

 100609_NL1_gfp.jpg  Nicky Lad

I can see why Blythe collectors always say you can't stop with just one.  Which Blythe do YOU think should be my first purchase?  I'm hoping to be able to order one before the first of the year.  I've already made two dresses for her and hope to offer some doll clothes in my Etsy shop, Walnut Hill Handmade, beginning in the new year.

So............time to vote.  Should it be Casual Affair or Nicky Lad?  


  1. You should get yourself the Blythe doll now! LOL
    I don't have one of those but I have tons of dolls and love to make dolls and they are fun, fun, fun! I am 61 and that certainly isn't too old for dolls!
    hugs Karen

  2. Thanks, Karen! I'm hoping to get Blythe VERY SOON! However, now that I'm becoming active in the online doll community, I'm becoming more aware of all the beautiful dolls available. So choosing my next purchase will be very difficult. THANKS for your comment!

  3. Oh my goodness! I found out about Blythe from Melissa's blog too!!!!! I have only boys too and thought the same thing that it was silly to spend money on a doll, when I only have boys.