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Friday, October 26, 2012

The New Boys

 I wanted to share with you all two recent doll purchases I've made.  And by recent, I mean within the past two decades.   Since I live in an all-boy household, I haven't had much opportunity to buy dolls.  HOWEVER, as I've recently really started to get into Blythe dolls I am spending a fair amount of free time online looking at Blythe-related things.  My youngest son noticed this one day and asked what I was looking at.  I told him I was looking at some dolls that I might want to buy.  He wanted to see, so I showed him.  He does NOT like Blythe AT ALL!!  And he made that very clear.  However, he surprised me by saying that he likes Lalaloopsy dolls.  (He's seen commercials for them on TV.)  So I got on the Lalaloopsy website and we looked at a bunch.  He really liked the pirate doll, Patch Treasurechest, and asked me to buy it for him.  SO I DID!!  I had to order it online from Wal-Mart.  We were both so excited when it arrived.  It really is a cute little guy.  The story behind the Lalaloopsy dolls is that they are made from the clothing of "real people" and they come to life when their last stitch is stitched.  Kinda cute.  Their "birth-date" is stamped onto their underpants on their tushies.  They all have a birthday that relates to a special holiday.  For example, Patch was born on September 19 which is "Talk Like a Pirate" day.   And Forest Evergreen (our other Loopsy) was born on September 26 which is "Lumberjack" day.  Each Lalaloopsy doll comes with a pet.  You can see that Patch has a pet parrot. 

I'm pretty impressed with the quality and detail on the Loopsy's clothing.  I love that Patch has a thermal long sleeve shirt under his Jolly Roger polo.  I also love that he's wearing corduroy shorts.  Great attention to detail.

After we'd had Patch for a few weeks, we were at Toys'R'Us and saw Forest Evergreen.  It is VERY rare to find a boy Loopsy in a store, at least where we live.  They had all the Loopsys on sale, so we snatched him up because my little boy really wanted a friend for Patch and he only wanted boy dolls.  Forest is just as adorable as Patch.  I love his buffalo check shirt with a fleece collar along with his denim overalls with leather suspenders.  His little beaver pet is so cute too!!  I really like the Lalaloopsy line of dolls.  They are super cute and so unique compared to other dolls you can find in the stores.

Since I'm a teacher by trade, I would really love to get Bea Spells a Lot someday.  Her birthday is October 16th, Dictionary day.   Do you have a Lalaloopsy doll?   If so, which one?  I'd love to hear from other Loopsy collectors.

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